Community Groups

You're not meant to live life alone.

We gather together throughout the week to live surrounded lives in community with one another. Joining a Community Group is a great way to connect at Cornerstone. Our Community Groups meet during the week in homes across the south end of Louisville. 

What is a Community Group?

Our Community Groups are small groups of people that meet on a regular basis to gather around God’s Word and to encourage one another in Gospel community. We have groups that meet across the south end of Louisville most nights of the week. 

Why should I join a Community Group?

Community Groups are a fundamental way we grow as disciples and make disciples that live surrounded lives. Visiting a Community Group is one of the best ways to begin to build relationships and get connected at Cornerstone. 

What should I expect?

The primary goal for our Community Groups is for us to grow as disciples, encourage one another, and be sent out on mission for the sake of the Gospel. Our groups consist of diving deeper into God’s Word, praying together, and practicing hospitality and service with one another and in our communities. 

When do groups meet?

Each of our Community Groups meet throughout the week at various locations. Click the "Find a Group" button below to see our different groups, when they meet, and where they're located.

Have questions?

Contact our Director of Discipleship & Assimilation for more information about Community Groups.

Kyle Lewis